Growing Up Fast.

Now 7 weeks old this week, our baby red tail chick is going well and growing fast. We have started weighing the chick in the last couple of weeks and as of last week the chick is 461grams. In consecutive weeks the chick has put on around 61grams each time. Considering a chick will weigh around 40grams when hatched, the chick looks healthy, standing up and moving around the hollow and starting to flap its wings. Mum still feeds her baby and doing a wonderful job.  Mike, our Black Cockatoo Team Leader, has seen mum being fed by a male (presuming the father) and by another female which can be a natural display in the wild within a flock community. Only being around one and a half months old now, the chick will spend around another month and a half in the hollow before leaving.

16-08-2016 (3) 16-08-2016 (1)







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