Board & Constitution

New Constitution

Over the past few months, the Board and management of Native Animal Rescue have been working on a new Constitution for the Association. This was formally adopted by members at a Special General Meeting on 16 August 2018.  This Constitution has now been approved by the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety and is in use.  Native Animal Rescue would like to thank Laura Rowan, from Rowan Consulting for donating her time to the Association to write the new Constitution and manage the process. To view the new Constitution, please cick here. 

Board of Directors

Kelli Ellemor

Cheif Executive Officer

Laura Rowan


I was approached by Kelli to join the NAR board in mid 2018, after spending time working with Kelli and the Board to review the Constitution. I am very proud and somewhat daunted to now be Chairing the Board after membership endorsement AGM in in November 2018.  I would like to thank Steve Coombes, now Vice-Chair, for the 4 years he spent as Chair leading the Board.

I am self-employed, running Rowan Consulting, which is a business which advises not-for-profits in WA on governance matters. I am a member of the Institute of Community Directors and a former Vice-President of the YWCA of Perth.  I am a strong advocate of continual learning and holds a Masters Degree in International Management, Diploma in Project Management and Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

My focus for the first Board under the new Constitutional arrangements is to build a strong, united Board which supports the great work that the staff and volunteer at NAR do.  We will be working on strategic planning and governance, developing relationships with the business community, increasing membership and assisting Kelli in grant applications and expanding the education program.

Steve Coombes

Vice Chair

Managing Director for Ambit Industries, Fencing Contractors

I have lived in the Northern Suburbs of Perth since the Early Seventies, I am Married with 4 adult children.

After schooling in Perth, I started work in Retail then progressed to the West Australian Police Service, where as a patrol Officer I was fortunate enough to work throughout large areas of the state.

I have been active in outdoor activities including being a member of the Perth 4WD club since the late 90’s. I have travelled extensively across Australia with a deep love of the remote areas.

After my Police Service I have been involved in two business ventures over the past 16 yrs, both allowing me to be self employed. I have also sought further education having obtained certification in most aspects of steel fabrication.

My relationship with NAR begun in 2009, when I contracted to build the “woylie” enclosure and have had a hand in many other projects onsite. In 2014 I was invited onto the board, taking over as Chairman in 2015, and as of the 2018 G.M. I am now the Vice Chairman.

I believe my expertise in the construction industry has been a benefit to NAR and hope to give aid for many years to come.


Keith Morris

Board Member

I have been a Board member at NAR since 2008, representing the then Department of Environment and Conservation (now Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions). I have always had an interest in our native fauna and have been fortunate to have worked with many of our iconic native animal species. I spent the 1980s living in Karratha working with Fisheries and Wildlife and preparing management plans for island nature reserves. During this time, I was exposed to the unique wildlife we have on some of our island nature reserves like Barrow Island off the Pilbara coast, and Bernier and Dorre Islands in Shark Bay. Since 1989 I have lived in Perth and broadened my knowledge of native fauna conservation, as a research scientist working on recovery programs for marine turtles, the chuditch (or western quoll) and several native rodents. More recently I have been involved in the planning and implementation of Australia’s largest fauna reconstruction project on Dirk Hartog Island National Park.

My involvement with NAR arose through the collaborative recovery program for the woylie, or brush-tailed bettong which DEC and Murdoch University were undertaking. NAR was used as a research site looking at the role parasites may have played in the decline of the woylie. Outside of work I enjoy the outdoors through boating and 4WDing with family and friends, interspersed with a bit of overseas travel, and I am looking forward to more of this as retirement approaches.

Graham Cole

Board Member

Native Animal Rescue is an outstanding organisation, that has a long history in helping our native animals return to their natural habitat. This has been achieved by the enormous amount of effort, dedication and passion from the staff and volunteers over many years. Despite these combined efforts, NAR lacks the ongoing engagement of key stakeholders, to provide resources and funds that will deliver a more sustainable organisation. One that can take on a leadership role within native animal rescue, in our community.

To get to this position, the NAR board, needs to have qualified people who are not only passionate about the cause, but can impart business knowledge and skills, that seek out corporate partners and promote the role and outcomes of NAR in all the right places.

I have an extensive work history, which encompasses, business management and leadership, financial reporting, sales, marketing, business development, partnerships and contracts, leading teams, corporate, social and environmental responsibility and board member experience.

I will be able to contribute to the NAR business and marketing strategies, assist with new stakeholder engagements, and nurture and promote our wonderful staff, volunteers and corporate partners. We need to develop working ties with government, both state and local, and have a collective voice in key networks of influence. We need to also provide members and affiliates the opportunities to connect and network.

I would also bring a commitment to helping Native Animal Rescue realise it goals, be actively involved with tasks as required and promote the awareness and engagement with NAR at every opportunity.

I do have a busy corporate work schedule, but also realise that time needs to be made available to seek out other ventures that refresh the soul, challenge you, and provide a sense of satisfaction, when contributing to a positive difference for others.

Can I make a difference and add value to Native Animal Rescue?   Yes, I can.