Perth Executive Committee

Here you can find a list of the members of our Executive Committee. We are a diverse group with a range of skills, but we all share the same passion for native animals.

If you have an animal emergency, please call 9249 3434.

Acting President/Clinic Manager – Kelli El /

11393124_708438275969134_5826168647094086277_n.jpgI have been at NAR since 2000, and took on the role of Clinic Manager in 2006, and Acting President in 2017. I am a qualified veterinary nurse, and I love caring for all animals, feathered, furred, and definitely scaly. have a range of responsibilities at NAR, including: the Work for the Dole Program, animal assessment, treatment and rehabilitation, liaison for research and community projects, such as River Connections, overseeing vet student rotations, and education outreach.

You can contact me if you have any questions about NAR or our animal hospital. I am in the office Monday – Friday.

 Secretary – Jenny Seymour or


I have been involved with NAR for 2 years and became secretary in April 2016. I have a Bachelor of Science (First class honours) and a Graduate Certificate in environmental management. I have gained a broad range of experience and knowledge over many years working with Animal Ark in the UK and Australia, having started my career in publishing and communications.

As a Director of Animal Ark, I am hands-on in all aspects of the business, and I am involved in research and development of effective education and training programs. Away from work I focus on native flora and fauna conservation, rescue, rehabilitation and restoration. I also volunteer for a bushland conservation friends group and an ethics committee.

Treasurer – Julian Perez

Originally from Colombia, I have been living in Perth since 2012. I joined NAR as a volunteer in November 2015 helping the organisation with its financial matters. I have a Bachelor Degree in Accounting from my home country. In Australia I have an Advanced Diploma in Accounting. I have more than 15 years of working experience in the accounting and finance field. Currently, I’m doing the CPA (Certified Public Accountant) programme to be fully recognized as a professional accountant in Australia. A CPA is an accounting professional who has passed the Uniform CPA examination and has also met additional state certification and experience requirements. I am really pleased to have the opportunity to put my skills at the service of NAR.

Grounds Maintenance Coordinator – John Deal

I joined NAR in June 2014, and in December 2015 I was elected to the Executive Committee as the Building & Grounds Maintenance Coordinator. I was re-elected at the 2016 AGM for 2016-17. Originally from the UK, I have worked in the printing industry since leaving school at 16. My last employer was the Perth Sunday Times, where I stayed for 16 years, then accepted redundancy in 1996. I have since run my own driving school business for the past 19 years. I am now semi-retired and volunteer at NAR in my spare time.

Safety Coordinator – Scott Clark

I have over 20 years experience as a general manager, with 10 years in the employment industry and 10 years in food manufacturing. In the past few years I have worked as a courier driver and sales representative for slush machines and ice cream equipment. I have been with NAR for some time now, helping with roles such as the River Connections Program, and I am excited to take on the position of Safety Coordinator as of December 2016 and use my skills to help NAR.

Promotions Coordinator – Ash Wolfe

Ash1.jpgI am a PhD candidate studying the effects of urbanisation on reptiles (snakes and lizards), and I have been involved in animal rehabilitation volunteering since 2010. I started volunteering with NAR in April of 2016 and have recently taken on responsibilities as the Reptile Team Leader. I started my role as Promotions Coordinator in October 2016. My responsibilities include: managing the media presence of NAR, liaising with the fundraising team, organising donations, writing grant applications, and merchandising for NAR.

Please contact me with enquiries about promotional activities such as social media, our website, and community grants.

Ordinary Member & Volunteer Manager – Donna Dagg

I started volunteering with NAR in August 2014 in administration, and have since had a few roles. In November 2015 I undertook the role of Work for the Dole and Clinic Coordinator, and in March 2016 I became the Volunteer manager. I have also been interim Secretary for a short period of time, and I hold a position on the Executive Committee as an Ordinary Member.

Please contact me if you are interested in volunteering at Native Animal Rescue and I will send you all the relevant information.

Ordinary Member – David Manning

David.jpgI have been involved with NAR for 6 years and joined as an Executive member in December 2015. My wildlife education and training company Animal Ark rents office space and conducts training at NAR. We help fund and support NAR financially as their major partner. Having worked with a massive variety of animals all my life my passion has remained for reptiles. I have written four pet care books, numerous articles, and appeared on television, radio, and DVDs talking about wildlife issues. My background was in zoological supply, film and television consultancy, schools, and training.

I have a Certificate IV in training and assessment and in 2012 was awarded a prestigious Winston Churchill Memorial Trust fellowship. I am also a fellow of the Zoological Society of London. I travel when I can, learning from and meeting wildlife conservationists.

Ordinary Member – Brighton Downing

I started volunteering at NAR as an Animal Attendant in 2013. I became an Executive Member in 2015, being elected as an Ordinary Member in 2015 and again in 2016. As I obtain my Honours degree in Zoology and Conservation Biology at the University of Western Australia, my role is to ensure our rescued native animals receive appropriate and adequate environmental and behavioural enrichment. This ensures our native animals can be rehabilitated in a stress-free environment and maintain their natural behaviours whilst in care at NAR. This ultimately increases animal welfare and the success of our native animals post-release.

Please contact me if you would like to join our enrichment team or if you have any questions regarding the enrichment activities taking place at NAR.

Board Member – Keith Morris

I am a Senior Principal Research Scientist and manager of the Animal Science Program within the Department of Parks and Wildlife. Scientists in this program undertake much of the State’s research into the ecology and biology of threatened species and investigate ways of effectively controlling threats such as foxes, feral cats and cane toads.  I have 36 years of experience with biological survey and researching threatened fauna, particularly mammals. I have been a Board member at NAR since 2008.