Animal Emergencies

If you find a native animal, providing emergency care as soon as possible is critical to its survival.

All native animals are protected by law and a severe penalty can be imposed on anyone keeping native wildlife without a licence. Animals reared on their own are often not releasable. If you are inexperienced, it is always better to pass on wildlife to experts to ensure the best possible outcome.

We are available to assist from 9am-5pm every day of the year. We are happy to provide advice for and rehabilitate all WA native animals, including birds, mammals, reptiles and frogs.

For all enquiries call us on 9249 3434Please bring all animal admissions to 170 Camboon Road, Malaga, just north of Reid Highway.

If you have rescued an animal and can’t take it to us, either due to distance or the time, you can always take the animal to one of our Partnered Vets, who will stabilise the animal and then pass it on to us. Click here to locate a Partnered Vet near you.

For any emergency outside of our opening hours, please contact the Wildcare Helpline on 9474 9055.


Read on for more information about the different types of animals that are commonly rescued, as well some helpful tips.

Small Marsupials

Possums Treat possum joeys the same as a kangaroo joey. If you find an injured adult handle with great care, possums can be very aggressive if threatened and have powerful and sharp claws and teeth. They will bite down and not let go and can crush a finger. Hold it by the scruff of its … Continue reading Small Marsupials

Kangaroo Joeys

If you see a dead kangaroo on the road, check if there is a joey in the pouch. Mum may be dead, but the joey may not be. Please be aware of your own safety if pulling off a busy road. If you find a live joey in a deceased female kangaroo, remove it gently … Continue reading Kangaroo Joeys

Injured Birds

Baby birds Don’t be a bird-napper! Before you save a baby bird check that it really is an orphan. Some species feed their young every few minutes while others like magpies can take an hour or more to find food for their young. Birds outgrow their nests when still very immature and continue to be fed … Continue reading Injured Birds

Partnered Vets

We have a number of Partnered Vets throughout the Northern Suburbs of Perth that do a fantastic job giving vital first aid to the animal you have rescued. Once the animal has been stabilised, we pick up the animal from the Partnered Vet and continue its rehabilitation at our centre in Malaga. It is free to … Continue reading Partnered Vets

Important information

Be prepared Keep a towel, box/carry container, large empty drink bottle and hand sanitiser in your car. Don’t forget safety equipment such as gloves and something to cover your eyes like sunglasses or safety goggles. Do not feed or water the animal. The wrong feed can cause serious problems and some birds do not drink water. … Continue reading Important information