If you find a native animal, providing emergency care as soon as possible is critical to its survival.


All native animals are protected by law and a severe penalty can be imposed on anyone keeping native wildlife without a licence. Animals reared on their own are often not releasable. If you are inexperienced, it is always better to pass on wildlife to experts to ensure the best possible outcome.

We are available to assist from 9am-5pm every day of the year. We are happy to provide advice for and rehabilitate all WA native animals, including birds, mammals, reptiles and frogs.

For all enquiries call us on 9249 3434Please bring all animal admissions to 170 Camboon Road, Malaga, just north of Reid Highway.

If you have rescued an animal and can’t take it to us, either due to distance or the time, you can always take the animal to one of our Partnered Vets, who will stabilise the animal and then pass it on to us.


For any emergency outside of our opening hours, please contact the Wildcare Helpline on 9474 9055.