Education and displays

We are currently in partnership with Animal Ark, which has their headquarters at our Malaga facility. David and Jenny of Animal Ark are both members of our executive committee and contribute immensely towards NAR from a financial and operational perspective.

In 2017 we agreed to introduce a range of new and exciting educational programs operated by Animal Ark on behalf of NAR. These programs include school incursions and wildlife displays.

A bit about the team

David has a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and is currently involved in fauna relocations and the training of people who are required to deal with potentially hazardous wildlife. He also visits schools, festivals and events with the popular hands-on Animal Ark Roadshow, enthusing and educating thousands of children and adults every year. Having worked with animals and nature all his life David’s passion has remained reptiles. He has written four pet care books, numerous articles and appeared on television and DVDs talking about wildlife issues.

Jenny has a first class Bachelor of Science Honours degree and a Graduate Certificate in Environmental Management. As well as being hands on in all aspects of the business, Jenny is involved in research and development of effective education and training programs. Her focus is on native flora and fauna conservation, rescue, rehabilitation and restoration.

Ziggy is completing her Master of Science in Environmental Management and has a BSc in Biological Sciences. She assists with training and education. Her passion for wildlife and conservation is apparent in everything she does.