Why you should donate

 Due to the work, we do at the Native Animal Rescue we have the opportunity and the ability to rescue, rehabilitate and protect thousands of lives each year. As an organisation, we receive no government subsidies. 

As such in order to function we wholly rely on:

  1. Donations from the general public
  2. Grants from local industry
  3. Various fundraising activities

Where your donations go

On average it costs Native Animal Rescue about $130 for every animal we nurse back to health for release. In addition to this, we are working on renovating our outdoor cage aviaries to ensure the animals have the best chance to live in a safe and enriched environment while they are recovering.

As Native Animal Rescue is registered with the Australian Tax Office as an environmental charity gift recipient, all donations you make to Native Animal Rescue are fully tax deductible. 

All donations are commonly used for:

  1.  Medication
  2. Housing
  3. Veterinary costs
  4. Food

You too can help save lives! Every donation counts!

We offer various different ways for you to donate and show your support for our wildlife! They are all very flexible and can suit any and all of our supporters. 

You can choose one of our monthly fixed donation options below.

Or donate any amount you like! You can make a one-off donation, or make it recurring by ticking the box “recurring payment” in PayPal.

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